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IchigoJam Get Started Set S

5,698 JPY

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************************************************************* The successor, "IchigoJam Q" is now available. Accordingly, we have ended the provision of "IchigoJam S". Thank you very much for your patronage over the years. ************************************************************* ※ IchigoJam BASIC is shipping Version 1.4.1 "IchigoJam Gat Started Set" has renewed! The case has changed and contains IchigoJam S. It includes all the necessary accessories and an easy to read manual to help you get programming with IchigoJam! This cute product is great for those looking to get started with IchigoJam, it also makes a great gift for that young programmer in your life! ★Contents * IchigoJam S pre-assembled (1) https://pcn-en.stores.jp/items/5b45619a50bbc31b1f001449 * Flexible keyboard (silicon keyboard) (1) * Video cable (1) * microUSB cable (1) * IchigoJam introduction manuals (2) * Deluxe IchigoJam case (1) ★ What is IchigoJam S? It is an improved version of "IchigoJam T". The slide switch part was strengthened, and it became harder to break. Also, as usual size and socket width correspond to universal board, you can also use existing expansion board such as MapleSyrup. ★Shipping information Once payment has been confirmed, the product(s) will be shipped by the next business day. Products will be shipped via EMS or Japan Post mail. When the delivery address is Japan, we will used low-cost shipping by Japan Post mail. Those wishing to order more than 5 items, please contact us. --- ※1 Only works with PS/2-compatible keyboards. Use a PS/2 keyboard with a USB plug. To use a keyboard with a PS/2 plug, use a USB-PS/2 converter like the one linked below. ★Notes !!! Video signal is NTSC !!! !!! PAL is not supported !!! Additional Parts Necessary * TV or monitor with a video port ========================= Other products http://pcn.club/products/index.en.html

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