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Let's Programming with IchigoJam Primer

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This is a study book for mastering how to enjoy using a "IchigoJam" ,which is a small computer for kids. It is great not only for those looking to get started with IchigoJam, but also for skilled programmers already enjoying using IchigoJam BASIC programming language. This "Primer" is friendly to kids who have just started BASIC programming with IchigoJam. The reader will be able to study from the basics. In addition, this book contains mini games & sample games. ★ Information "Let's Programming with IchigoJam -Primer- " size: B5, 52 pages Author: Noboru Ashida (Professor emeritus at National Institute of Technology. Fukui College) Translator: ict4e Co. Ltd. Editor: Natural Style Co. Ltd. Publisher: Programming Club Network Testing operation of all programming code on IchigoJam v1.1.0 * CD-ROM is not included in English edition This product is what translated in english from the primer part of "Let's Programming with IchigoJam" . https://hello002.stores.jp/items/55658ba7391bb35965004923 (Japanese page) ★Shipping information Once payment has been confirmed, the product(s) will be shipped by the next business day. Products will be shipped via EMS or Japan Post mail. When the delivery address is Japan, we will used low-cost shipping by Japan Post mail. Those wishing to order more than 5 items, please contact us. For security reasons in this site, some credit cards are not accepted. In that case, we will receive your order individually. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please contact us by e-mail. ========================= Other products http://pcn.club/products/index.en.html

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